BMX stunt bikes are not really suited to racing as most are built from "Hi Ten" steel which is very heavy and strong; strong enough to withstand an adult doing stunts on, but if you have one don't worry it will be fine to get started on.
BMX dirt racing bikes are mostly built in aluminium or Cro-molly, both being very strong but very light. These materials are also more expensive than Hi Ten steel so you are unlikely to get a BMX race bike for less than £200 and at the other end of the scale you could spend more than £1000 yes £1000 on a BMX race bike!
The heading, "Does size matter?" Yes, it really does matter. Like any cycle racing the bike has to fit the rider as well as possible or performance WILL be impaired. Most parents new to the sport will make the mistake of buying a bike that is far too big for the rider because other bikes like mountain bikes are physically much bigger than BMXs and they think a full size BMX bike looks right for their child. Some will be swayed by price or the bike shop not really knowing what size BMX the child should be riding. When you look for a race bike pay particular attention to crank length and top tube length. If these are too long it will make the rider stretch on the bike. If you were to buy an off the shelf BMX race bike something will need to be changed to fit the rider properly; usually cranks because manufacturers fit standard cranks to all their bikes. Specific crank sizes may not be available as most BMX parts and bikes are built and imported from the USA.If you want to start BMX racing these tables may help you get the right machine to go racing with.
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